youtube: get direct download link

Date Published: 03/22/2014 8:30 AM
Author: wiki

suppose that I want to download this video from youtube:

I go to leech sites like and there, I choose my desired quality(in this case MP4 360p) and this site gives me a link:

I paste the url into the Internet Download Manager and I can see that idm(Internet Download Manager) converts the link and end up with this link:

and as you can see in the screenshot, idm gives me the exact file name and it's size: enter image description here

now, everything is ok for downloading the file; but what if I need the direct download link of the file?(some leech sites like mediafire need the direct file link) maybe something like: Senna-The Right To Win (With Subtitles).mp4

How can I get the direct download link of the file?(the link with the file name and its extension at the end)

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youtube: get direct download link

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