Conduit/Tuvaro/Fusion installer malware.

Date Published: 01/21/2014 10:48 AM

So somehow i got Tuvaro/Conduit onto my this moment i do not know how it got on.

Tried; CCLeaner(it acts as if its uninstalled but it comes back later)

and malware bytes neither worked D:

and this stuff is really starting to get in the way(had it since today)

Hell i tried uninstalling Chrome thinking it was only on there. nope its on everything except Opera. oh and i have fusion installer which is malware to...god damn it piratebay.

Edit; it appears only Opera AND internet explorer are exempt from conduit/tuvaro....but neither are exempt from that shitty fusion installer thing.

Edit 2; after a full uninstall and reinstall of chrome it appears chrome is fine now....same cant be said for mozilla.


OS: windows 7 ultimate (X86/32 bit)

submitted by daniell61
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Conduit/Tuvaro/Fusion installer malware.

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