I need help reinstalling Internet Explorer 10.....IE 11 is messing-up my desktop

Date Published: 11/14/2013 12:32 AM
Author: neabsco3268

Since this past Monday (Nov 11, 2013) when I installed IE 11 via Windows Update, here is what I have come across:

1)- My weather gadget had turned pink and blurry, so I decided to take a friend's warning and simply delete the two gadgets I had installed.

2)- My Norton Antivirus Online would simply show it was disabled......this happened only a couple times immediately following installment of IE 11, hasn't been acting up since late Monday afternoon.

3)- That black screen with white text "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device and press a key" has come up a number of times, yet I have had that problem in the past couple of months.

4)- BSOD

5)- And a couple of times the past couple of days I have received a message after my screen turned black for a few seconds, "Display driver AMD driver stopped responding and successfully recovered" (exact words)

Microsoft insists it isn't IE 11, but in the past few days I have read on numerous communities and search engines that after installing IE 11 that people have had trouble with many items, programs, etc.

My basic question is how do I reinstall IE 10? IE 11 is working fine, but I would prefer to not take any chances with IE 11 until fixes or patches are made.





>Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM

>ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 Socket AM3+

>AMD FX-6300 CPU 3.50GHz

>PNY Optima 2x4gb 8gb total DDR3 1333mhz RAM

>WD Caviar Black 750gb desktop internal HDD SATA >7200rpm 64mb Cache

>LiteOn iHAS-324 DVD-CD R/W SATA Optical Drive

>VisionTek ATI RadeonHD 5670 PCIx16 GDDR5 2gb

>CoolMax 600V 600watt PSU


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I need help reinstalling Internet Explorer 10.....IE 11 is messing-up my desktop

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