error 577 when i attempt to turn on windows defender win8.1

Date Published: 10/20/2013 12:43 PM

  • very frustrated with my $1,000 new touch screen computer due to windows 8. i download win8.1 from play store looking for a easier os so could enjoy my new computer. but i have a problem windows defender will not turn on!!!!   i tried all community posted
    things and replies from microsoft. when i press start it gives this error message:[ERROR 577 windows can not digital verify signture for this file ]etc.... come on guys i never had problems win 98xp i loved useing my computer everyday. it was simple to understand
    and find the fix for the regular guy. now i HATE Using my NEW  COMPUTER DUE TO WIN8 and WINDOWS 8.1 i thought would make things better. i wish i could put win98 or win7 on this computer so i can enjoy my purchase.  anyone know how to get Win8.1 win defender
    to work??? or want to buy a $1,000 hp i7 with 2 tb 8 gb paper weight?

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  • johnovctc posted this on 12/17/2013 at 9:29 AM

    This was fixed on my Windows 8.1 system by un-installing Norton using the Norton un-installer. Other posts have also indicated the problem occurred when another security program wasn't completely
    un-installed. In those cases where an un-install didn't completely clean out the old security software, what usually works is
    re-installing it, then un-installing it using Revo Un-Installer.

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error 577 when i attempt to turn on windows defender win8.1

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