IE10 page can't be displayed when first opened

Date Published: 08/04/2013 12:14 PM
Author: KevinEaton

Hi all,


I've got a problem I hope you can help with?




When opening IE10, whatever the homepage is, it will not load instead displaying the message, "This page can't be displayed."


This is only when opening IE10 I get this error.  If I proceed to refresh then the page loads without a problem.  All other internet use (with and without IE) works fine it's just homepage wont load when first opening IE.


Things I've tried:-


Changing homepage & restarting computer makes no difference and I have even cleared the cache, cookies, etc but still to no avail.


Background info:-


I was running IE10 on win7 SP1 without this issue and decided to try IE11.  Having tried IE11 and had problems with it displaying error whilst trying to download something (until I retried) I gave up and uninstalled the IE11 update which rolled back to IE10.  This is when the problem started.





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IE10 page can't be displayed when first opened

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