IE11 Compatibility Mode

Date Published: 06/28/2013 7:49 AM
Author: kthompson200

I installed the preview with no problem and love the new features.  But now I am having trouble logging into my Citrix controlled company remote access account in IE11.  When trying to log in, it simply says that my credentials are wrong.  That is definitely not the case as I can log in just fine on an older version of IE, including IE10.  In the past, I would use compatibility mode to remedy issues like this.  But the option isn't there any longer.  For IE11, I read that if a page needs to be viewed in compatibility mode, the option will appear.  So I guess IE11 doesn't think I need the option for this particular site, but I think otherwise.  Is there a way I can force compatibility mode?  Or are there any other suggestions I can try?

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IE11 Compatibility Mode

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