microsoft security client error 0x80073b01

Date Published: 06/10/2013 11:57 PM
Author: L.Strand

Here's a new one for ya. Since mid-May 2013 I've experienced and reviewed most all of the install/uninstall problems and startup or run errors associated with Microsoft Security Essentials/Client errors. No luck with any of the suggestions that are supposed to correct this startup error and used nearly every anit-virus and malware app that has been suggested and finding nothing. For now I've simply lived with the microsoft security client error 0x80073b01 since I rarely get a virus anyway. Here are my symtoms running Vista on a Toshiba Satellite: I get the “microsoft security client error 0x80073b01” whenever I startup (with no MSE tray icon). If I want to get it to run temporarily I do the following: uninstall MSE and restart Windows Vista to finish a clean uninstall, otherwise you’ll get an install error when you attempt to re-install a fresh copy of MSE. Once MSE is successfully re-installed it will then give the same error as before when you run it for the first time. So I then set/edit permissions for Users to Full Control on the Microsoft Security Client folder, getting access denial errors for every file in the folder. But doing this pernissions change (without restarting the OS) will now allow me to run MSE (w/tray icon), update definitions, and scan. But if I ever restart the OS from there I end up getting the microsoft security client error 0x80073b01 with every restart even though the User permissions for the Microsoft Security Client folder have not changed. And then having to go through the whole uninstall and re-install with Full Control User permissions routine in order to get MSE to run again.

Seems to be a permissions problem with many systems after Microsoft issued updates this spring. Hope they correct it soon. Anyone have a new suggestion? Oh, bother.

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microsoft security client error 0x80073b01

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