We can't connect to Outlook right now. Please try again later

Date Published: 06/03/2013 3:38 AM
Author: LawrenceDale

On Friday the 31st May, 5.30 a.m I was using my email account without problem. At just past 6 a.m. Explorer 10 was automatically downloaded as an update. After an automatic computer restart although my emai page was recovered I could not access any email, write an email, search or anything

anything else. All I got was 'cannot connect to outlook right now. Please try again later' I went to the various outlook threads and found many people with the same problem but no solutions from Outlook.

a/ I tried to restore my computer but IE10 wouldn't allow its uninstall so restore did not work.

b/ I then played around and finally came up with a temporary solution given below and posted it on Outlook...twice.


'I might have the answer.

1. First make sure you have the 'favorites bar showing as this shows other info too.

2. select 'tools' then select 'F12 developer tools. Another bar appears at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select Document mode: Standards then select IE9.

So Browser mode is IE 10 but document is in IE9.

I can read and write emails now.  However my solution is only temporary as this procedure has to be repeated after each sign in to hotmail/outlook but at least it will help you until the full solution is found and it only takes a couple seconds to perform. I have posted on the ms community and the moderator just replied 'thank you for your help'. Didn't make any other remark. Oh well... '


Then I get a message to say it had been fixed but if I was still experiencing the same problem I should try another computer. I then posted my reply below;


'No this problem has not, I repeat NOT been fixed and the problem is obviously a browser issue because all was fine until Outlook imposed Explorer 10. I don't why you think it is fixed when other people are still experiencing the same problem. And HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THAT I USE ANOTHER COMPUTER. This is nothing more than sweeping the problem under the carpet or blaming my computer. I don't know what Kim_S suggested so perhaps you would be kind enough to tell me. I have in my previous reply told you what I had to do to resolve the problem on a temporary basis and that obviously shows that using explorer 10 is the problem. So pray tell me what is the solution. And please read my replies carefully'


Now I am directed to the IE forum, now Monday afternoon and I still have the same problem!!!!!

I am being given the 'run around'. I repeat, obviously it is IE 10 that is the problem because I had no problem before that! When is Outlook/ MS going to solve this problem and if they already have solved it would someone tell me what the solution is.


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We can't connect to Outlook right now. Please try again later

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