MSE Wizard Error Code: 0x80070780 (and 0x80070645) Cannot Complete the Security Essentials Installation

Date Published: 06/02/2013 12:17 PM
Author: Got XP SP3

I was able to rename the file by right click, rename and it took, so I tried to reinstall MSSE but got a different error message. I tried some of the fixit's before this but they didn't help either. So I'm still looking for a fix...   Security essentials Error 0x80070780 without renaming the file, when I rename the file for Microsoft Security Client, I get the 0x80070645 error even though it starts to install. 


Added 6/2/13

Some background: Dell D620 XP SP3 with all the latest updates. I had Security Essentials running but it got disabled by the ransomware that took over the computer (the FBI one). I was able to get it working again with using the bootable Microsoft virus scan tool. I then used Kaspersky and got a few more variants removed. I didn't take notes as to what they were since I didn't know if I could get rid of it...


Once I got the computer to boot and run, I checked on Security Essentials but it wasn't on and wouldn't startup, figured it was corrupted and removed it. I then tried to reinstall it and got 2 different errors (one is above, think the other ends in 645). I searched on the error itself and found the idential problems trying to reinstall it. I found this to be helpful getting it somewhat secure again:

I also installed Defender so hopefully that will work at preventing intrusions into the OS until I can get it to reinstall Security Essentials.


I can't slave this drive since the connectors don't match up to work in my other laptop. Seems Microsoft should have a fixit to delete the files and folder for Microsoft Security Client. Nothing else works, even the 'follow these steps' and .bat deletions on other forums. Windows doesn't allow filename changes in the subfolders for this main folder.


I figured I had to start a new thread since the problem is still present. 

Thanks for any help to resolve this, please note that repeating the same steps previously done (I have done over and over) won't fix it. I need to be able to delete the files that Windows doesn't allow to be renamed in the Security Client subfolders, either by a fixit or files on a USB drive (or WWW site).

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MSE Wizard Error Code: 0x80070780 (and 0x80070645) Cannot Complete the Security Essentials Installation

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