what is "urEeT+Zs.exe" from goobzo.com?

Date Published: 05/16/2013 11:51 AM

computer: windows 7 home 64 bit, up to date, runs malware bytes as antivirus software.

last night a file called "urEeT+Zs.exe" showed up in my temp files. the file is signed from goobzo.com. malware bytes says that the file is safe. google couldn't find anything when i searched for "goobzo.com" and "urEeT+Zs.exe". symantec doesn't have any info on it either and says that goobzo.com is safe. i also have not noticed any extra or strange named processes since "urEeT+Zs.exe" appeared.

considering the fact that i cannot find any information on either the file or goobzo.com and that the file mysteriously appeared last night, i'm guessing my computer might be infected.

submitted by Alex__H
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what is "urEeT+Zs.exe" from goobzo.com?

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