Error 9C59 When Installing Internet Explorer 10

Date Published: 04/06/2013 7:05 AM

Much like quite a few other people on this forum, I have been having this issue for quite some time: whenever I try to install the latest version of Internet Explorer 10 via the Windows Update control-panel, it keeps giving me the above error message...
and doing the same via the manual-installation file (IE10-Windows6.1-x64-en-us.exe) also gives me an error.

And before any Microsoft/'Community Star' users reply with the usual responses I've seen, yes, I've been through KB 2820688 ('Troubleshooting a failed installation of
Internet Explorer 10
'), including a clean boot and all that, and I'm not showing any other updates to be gotten through Windows Update, so I would like to think any prerequisites are installed. Also, the only antivirus
I'm running is Microsoft Security Essentials, that is fully upgraded with definitions and all that. Also, my video card's a nVidea GeForce GTS450, which is not on the 'hybrid' list, and has the latest drivers as well.

Please help; this is starting to get really annoying.

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Error 9C59 When Installing Internet Explorer 10

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