Error Code 9C57 fix needed

Date Published: 03/25/2013 4:25 PM
Author: MHondorp

Since 3-1-13 my PC has been unable to download an "important" update called "Windows IE9 for Win 7 for x64 Based Systems".  I always get the "update failed" message and the dreaded "Error Code 9C57 (Windows Update_00009C57 Windows Update_dt000)".  I run IE 9 on a Win 7 64bit system and I have been current on all "important updates" to that time.  I use the MS automatic update feature and it has always worked fine in the past.  I didn't download or change anythng around 3-1-13 to have caused this problem to my knowledge.


Since 3-1-13, my PC has successfully downloaded the same annoying "security update for Windows 7 x64 based systems (KB2799494) about 20 times.


I have tried MS Fixit tool many times, as well as all the suggested solutions I could find on the community forums.  Nothing works.  The damn update just won't install.  I even tried to install the new IE 10 separately and it too won't work.  I get the 9C57 error code and a message saying that I can't update to IE 10 until an important update is installed on my PC.  Duh.  This is driving me nuts as I've wasted hours on it with no success.


It would seem that Microsoft would have a fix for 9C57 since they have identified it and assigned it a code.  Why can't a specific fix be applied by MS for a specific error.  Maddening.  That Macbook Pro with retina display is looking better every day!!!

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Error Code 9C57 fix needed

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